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Our Services

General Clean:


-Mirrors made free of toothpaste splatter and smudges

-Bathtubs, showers scrubbed,  and disinfected 

-Sinks and Countertops/Vanities cleaned

-Toilets cleaned outside, inside, and all around

- All garbage's emptied

- All baseboards in bathroom wipes by hand



-Outside of all appliances cleaned

-Inside of Microwave

-Cabinet door and drawer fronts spot washed wiped fully on first clean

-Countertops cleaned and disinfected 

-Backsplash/walls where backsplash would be washed 


-Dry dust/feather dust all window coverings, and casings, door moldings, baseboards

- Wet dusting objects like  lamps, décor,  wall art, tables, bed frames shelving units, TVs, computers  just to name a few

- Wet dust solid surfaces like your alcoves, furniture, built ins, banisters, half wall caps, window sills 

-Hard to reach and often ignored areas like light fixtures and the top of your fridge

- wipe animal nose prints off visible windows 

Vacuuming and washing of all floors

Pricing is based on square footage.

Please contact us for pricing.


The move in/out or spring  clean: 

Everything is wiped down 

Light fixtures, inside and out of cabinets, inside of appliances, windows, baseboards and doors all wiped. Bathrooms fully cleaned, kitchen fully cleaned.

Basically everything is washed down. Walls upon request.

Charge for is 41$ an hour per employee. 

All floors are vacuumed and mopped. 

Construction clean:

Same as the move in/ out clean only

added difference is windows are scrapped 

Same price as move in/out clean 

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